Cross Promotion and Direct Deal Advertising

Made Easy and Free

Maximize Your Ad Inventory’s Potential

Allocate your premium ad inventory to grow your app and monetize even more

Cross-Promotion Campaigns

Advertise your apps within your other apps to grow your users for free

Direct Deal Campaigns

Run higher earning ads from your direct advertisers and keep 100% of the revenue

Power Your Ad Campaigns with High-Converting Ad Formats

  • Boost CTRs and installs with a call-to-action screen after video ad ends
  • Engage users and increase high-intent installs with playable rich interstitial ads

  • Easily create seamless user-friendly native ad campaigns

More Than Just Ad Mediation But A Reliable All-In-One Monetization Platform.

Complete Ad Waterfall Positioning Controls


Want your ads to always run first? Or last? Or somewhere in between? The control is yours:

  • Set manual eCPM for your ads to compete with ads from other demand sources
  • Set your ads to always fill first positioning
  • Set your ads as a backfill campaign

Precise Targeting Settings


Target your ad campaigns to the right users through any combinations of:

  • Geo targeting (by country, city, address)

  • Device (type, model, version, IDFA) & platform

  • Placement

  • Wi-Fi connection, carrier & locale

  • Apps and more

Frequency Capping

  • Limit impressions to each unique device per hour, day or week
  • Set time limit between impressions
  • Limit impressions based on app session

Campaign Automation

  • Automatically stop ads after users have installed or clicked
  • Set impression cap by day or hour
  • Stop campaign automatically once total impression limit is reached

Campaign Scheduling

  • Run ads on specific days of the week
  • Run ads only at specific times
  • Set start and end dates

All-In-One Transparent Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of how your ad campaigns are performing on one simple and clear dashboard.

  • Track the important metrics of your campaigns
  • See where your ad campaign performs best
  • Compare your direct deal campaign’s performance