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Ad Mediation All In One SDK

Monetize With Over 60 Ad Demand Sources


With 60+ ad networks, ad exchanges and DSPs competing for your ad inventory, you never have to worry about unfilled ad placements again.

The Perfect Ad Format For The Perfect Moment


With six different types of top mobile ad formats to monetize with in just one SDK, you have the flexibility to choose the best formats for different ad placements to optimize your app’s user experience.

Monetize With Confidence

Monetize In Every Corner Of The World


No matter where your users are located, our 60+ ad demand sources will reach them:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Australia

Parallel Bidding
The Most Advanced Ad Mediation Solution For Elevated Ad Revenue


The header bidding solution for mobile apps has arrived. Find out how we are using this revolutionary technology to earn you the highest paying ads in real-time for each impression.


Run Cross-Promotion & Direct Deals Campaigns
For Free

  • Powerful targeting settings
  • Flexible ad demand prioritization controls
  • Available in all popular mobile ad formats
  • Easy to set up and manage

Full Monetization Controls At Your Fingertips

  • Set user segmentations to easily create different ad experiences
  • Manage ad impressions for different moments and places within app
  • Run A/B test of different monetization strategies for optimal results

Powerful Insights Of Ad Performances

  • See performances of 60+ ad demand sources on one clear dashboard
  • Discover your most profitable types of users
  • API exportable data

Get Paid Whenever However You Choose

  • Automatic net 30-day aggregated payouts at the first of each month
  • Request on-demand advanced payouts
  • Cryptocurrencies payout options

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